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I believe in going out of your way to being nice to strangers.
I believe in taking time to be in nature and exploring places you’ve never been before.
​I believe that everyone should get the opportunity to be supported in creativity.​
I believe that furry animals are the answer to a bad day.

Small Design Studio, With Big Ideas

The Studio

I offer everything you need to market your business in a cohesive and memorable way. Intuitive website that’s a true extension of your brand, brand identity system to take the guess work out of all your future marketing needs, eye-catching package design and more.
If your looking for one-on-one personal level of service and someone to talk through the process of growing your business, someone who offers guidance and long term planning for the future of your business, then you have come to the right place!
Lynette Jensen- DashCreative Graphic Design in Vernon BC

About Lynette Jensen

Hi, I'm Lynette the designer behind the scenes at Dash Creative Design Studio.
Design has allowed me to work with an incredible roster of clients throughout the years, who through our shared ideas, vision and coordination have granted me the opportunity to create work that I’m very proud of, and in exchange have been able to make my customers happy with the end result. 
If you happen to be taking on a new venture or starting a new business or just want to revive the old and make it new again, I’m always happy to discuss ideas and go over your design needs.

Let's work together

Through our shared ideas and visions. Let's create memorable designs to market your business for now and in the future.